Tuesday, November 2, 2010

{lucky number 5}

Hi all! I just got inspiration from my boyfriend ando when he told me that on the past October we had 5 Days of Saturday and 5 Days of Sunday which means that was equal to 10 days off!
What a great month even though there's no official day off (bahasa: libur) during that month hihihihi... He also said that october 2010 was a rare event because that 5 sat and 5 sun only happened once every 10 years!! The other fun fact is as i posted before his 25th birthday also happened on that month! hahahahahha....

Ok, now speaking about lucky number 5 combined with the rare event, i came up with an idea to list down the top 5 favorites ideku handmade's rare items (custom made) so far..Yes... "so far" because new items always come day after day from my head and your head to keep my bank account "alive" but in a very fun way of mine off course x)

According to my own judgement based on the difficulties and the uniqueness let's start with this one...
the owls plushie, see more here

and then the second one is....
peacock dress, see more here

then third one...
something made from fabric marker
(although there's a lot of copycat out there, they will never have the identity of their copycat product) 

owl marker doll, see more here
marker pouch, see more here
marker plusie, see more here
EEEEEEERRRRRRRR, see more here
family marker plusie, see more here
tea and snack time marker plusie, see more here

then fourth is....
bigie bigie owlie, see more here

and finally...
big owl carnaval bag, see more here

Now you have it all girls... See you in another ideku's lucky number with different new stuff off course and dont forget keep smiling and crafting everyone!!
Last but not least... Hi 5! for crafters all over the world x) smoochies!


  1. Aku juga suka angka 5, ka. . Soalnya aku lahir tgl 5 bulan 5 :-D

  2. Maya: ihh mei, kita sama! :)

    sawokecik: muach muach... :-*