Monday, June 21, 2010

biggi biggie owlie

I love Monday, don't you?
I have a photosession this morning with my brother, Daru.
It takes near my house :) *thanks brother!

I'm falling in love with owl. It has a cute look.
my close friend, Kiki, asked me to make a BIG owl pillow.
with feathers made from cotton also.
Overall, this pillow usign cotton and filled with dakron,
it's still washable.
so, what you guys waiting?
stop waiting and dreaming to have one of this unique pillow.
order now and get your dream personalized your favorite pillow!

for your info,
I'm a custommade crafter, so if you have ideas to make something, just ask me.
and I will help you :)

*made by order:
send your mail to
or short message 08561413126
available in many colours.

happy crafting everyone :)