Friday, November 19, 2010

{TUTORIAL: kids puppet}

in Indonesia we called it "wayang"
let's make a puppet for your beloved kiddo with love and heart.
and you can make another animals you want. 
let your wild idea dance on your head :D 
here's the tutorial and hope it's useful for you.
*smoochies* puri
all that you need: 
-flannel fabric
-sticky tape
-sewing yarn
-sewing pin


  1. tHiS bLoG MaKeS eVeryoNe'S CREATIVE!!
    i LoVe tHe PuRPLe CRocO..

    aNd u LoOk BEaUTiFuL!!

    viSit Me..

  2. bisa nih, pur.
    dibikin lebih warna-warni kali ya. binatangnya kayak kumbang, lebah, kayaknya lucu :)
    udah kepikiran foto utamanya nih..

  3. nice tutor. ide kreatifnya boleh banget

  4. I like it very much. I will try it one day! Thanx for sharing :]