Saturday, November 20, 2010

{it's saturday!}

* My mom found this cute little bird in front of my house. his wings was already broken when she found it, so he can't fly like usual bird love to do. My mom decided to put him on the "emergency" nest until the wings get cured and he can fly again. Meanwhile, when my mom was gone for her "arisan" i took that bird and play with him until my boyfriend pick me up for a regular dates. i put him back and leave him alone at my house. After i came back, he's already gone and i don't know where.. I asked my mom and she said she didn't see the bird after she got back from "arisan". So if you found this cute little bird near you please let me know hihihihihihi.... 


  1. kayaknya lagi gw liat dia lg makan nasi goreng di tempat si agung hahaha....

  2. Ya ampun.. burungnya kasihan.. semoga dia dapat terbang lagi dan berkumpul sama keluarganya ya..

  3. mba fitria: bkin surat lapor kehilangan ya mbak? hihihi

    mbak hesti: lg makan apa dimakan??

    ajengdewi: aminnn.. semoga kaya gitu yaa...