Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{wedding souvenir}

Mrs. Mey came to our workshop and she ordered wedding souvenirs for Lini and Craig. This package will be sent to England for their beautiful wedding. Thank you Mrs. Mey :)

A message for Lini and Craig:

Good luck! Congratulations!
Best wishes! Cheers! Well done!
The futures full of promise and
Its only just begun
You're starting on a journey
A new, exciting life
Together, as a partnership
As husband and as a wife
Adventures, thrills and choices
Are waiting just for you
The road will have some turnings
And perhaps a bump or two
But you’ll be strong together
You’ll come through every test
Your love will deepen week by week
Be Happy All the best

Love, Puwi and Oie.

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1 comment:

  1. wah bisa jadi salah 1 pilihan kalo ntar nikah..btw brp/pieces nih? :p
    aku suka yang stripes tuh..lucu..