Saturday, August 28, 2010

unique BB pouch

a fabric marker pouch for your Onyx, well, it can be used for another type of BlackBerry.
Wuri, hope you'll like it :)

*please stop piracy for commercial use*

Dear readers,
if you have some ideas to make something, just ask me.
and I will help you :)

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available in many colours.


  1. woi! mau wooiii...hehhehe..serius..berapaan pur? tapi warnanya yg lebih catchy lagi dooong..ini plain bgt..hihihi..okeh.. ping me! muah

  2. terserah tan warnanya, okeyy gw bbm yaa :)

  3. hehe, mbak puri aku baru liat lagi nih postingannya, trimski ya, anaknya seneng kok dikasih ini.
    aku lg liat2 koleksimu lagi nih.