Saturday, August 28, 2010

high intensity of media publication :) Thank God

I'm very thankful to God for what I've received recently.
Nowadays, Ideku Handmade has gain lots of people attention.
Thanks to the people from the media and their supportive effort for handycraft industry.
Thanks to all of my friends who helped me a lot.
I love you all :')

* Ayah Bunda Magazine, Agt 23-Sept 5, 2010

it's all about polkadotie.
thanks to Yoci and friends.

* Trans TV, Jelang Siang, Agt 25, 2010

made some dolls and a doll parcel.
Thanks to Ichan and friends.

* Trans7, Cawan, Agt 20, 2010

made an owl bag.
Thanks to Santy and friends.

* DAAI TV, House and Living (I) 

made some marker dolls.
Thanks to Mbak Yane, Mbak Eva, and friends.

* DAAI TV, House and Living (II)

That was time for Novi, my lovely crafty assistant.
she made a cover for Al-quran.
Thanks to Mbak yane and Mas Oscar.

* DAAI TV, House and Living (III)

made a necklace.
thanks for Mbak Yane and Mas Oscar.

* Spice Magazine, April 2010

make a marker doll (an owl).
Thanks for Mbak Amesh and friends.

* Tabloid Nova, Peristiwa, Aug 2-8, 2010

little interviewed.
thanks toAcit.

* Tabloid Nova, Aug 9-15, 2010

made some marker dolls.
thanks to Acit.

* Tabloid Nova, Aug 16-22, 2010

made a necklace.
Thanks to Acit.

* Tabloid Nova, Info Praktis, Aug 23-29, 2010

made a simply parcel.
Thanks for Acit.

* ANTV, Planet Remaja, 

little interviewed.
thanks to Onie, Devy, and friends.

* B Channel

made some handmade dolls.
Thanks to Mas Mike and friends.

Thanks to all of you. I really LOVE you all :')


  1. tante puyi dapet dua jempol cilik dari yuara :)

  2. mbak amesh: peluk yuaraaaa.. kiss kiss yuaraaa..

    mbak ina: thanks mbak ina... :) *hugs*

  3. hebat! bangga deh

  4. kamu hebaaat ..... selamet ya Pur ... terus berkarya!!

  5. senangnya si nenek sihir dan piratenya ikut nampang juga...^_* trims bosenin emang mampir kesini...