Sunday, June 5, 2011

{belle owl}

Belle Owls are the smallest owl that I've ever made."Belle" was taken from Oline's daughter, Annabelle. hihihi.. There are 5 types of Belle: 
1. Blue Belle
2. Pingu Belle

 3. Brown Belle
4. Twiggy Belle
5. Comfy Belle
 go grab them by contact us :)
hp: 08119930975
Y!M oielabelle

 happy Sunday! Smooch!


  1. I think I love the bluebelle the most. her pattern looks like a coat of feathers!

  2. mbak puri kalo bel kain di mana?kok lucu2 bgt, apalg yg matryoshkha. mohon infonya yaaa. tq