Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{big thanks}

 I want to thank you all for all of these gifts. Yeah right, last May I'm 26 years old and getting older.
Because all these gifts come in May, I consider as my birthday gifts. LOL :D
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A monster plushie from Jules, Monster Kapas
A wonderful painting from Arif, Little Giraffe
A letter from Arif, too!
A handmade pouch from Mbak Susi, Kawakib Craft
A batik pouch from Mbak Sari, Ammi-Abi
A postcard made by my self! Mbak Ika Vantiani teached me how to make collage. And I did it, but I still have to learn more :) Thank you, mbak :)
A pretty wire necklace, an owl! from Ira Rupina Sinaga
A tote bag with a traditional cloth from Jambi. Few days ago, Mbak Naning from Iko Batik Jambi came to my workshop after finished her business at Tebet. Finally  I met her after all this time we've just talking on facebook ;) thanks to facebook!
A batik Jambi bag :) very beautiful!
An owl plushie from Tante Tintin
An owl necklace from her lovely daughter, Shinta
A knitted shawl from Tante Tintin, but this is not for me :) this is for Oline :)
An illustration from Mbak Lila, Lemari Lila
A wooden owl from Dimas
An owl clock! oh I'm so in love with her beautiful eyes u.u It comes from my partners in crime, Oie and Kicky! thank you, I love you two!
yeah I know I love JM so much! thank you, hun!
thank you :)
 hope my dreams com true. amin.


  1. nice gifts... for nice person!! ;) happy belated birthday, puwiii!! ;)

  2. Ada gambarkuuuu!!!! Tunggu kado selanjutnya ya Pur. Btw, Iko batik Jambi nya bagus banget yaaa. Itu slouchy bag ya? Aku sukaaa...

    Selamat ulangtaun lagi ya Puri. Use your hand, and make your day!!! :)

  3. selamat ulang tahun mbak purii :D
    semoga masa depanmu makin sukses dan sukses dan suksess!

  4. happy belated birthday ya Purii... :)

  5. happy birthday mbak Puri :) *telat..wonderful gifts!

  6. hadiahnya lucu-lucu.. dan bagus2!! happy birthday mb Puri..

  7. waduh telat ! selamat ulang tahun ya Puri...
    semoga terkabul semua cita-citamu :)