Thursday, February 24, 2011

{two days workshop}

This is the first time I became a teacher in Tupperware Home.
I'm so glad because the participants were very enthusiastic.
I teached 2 days. February 23 and 24, 2011.
The first day we made bear dolls and the second day we made elephants.
and the most important is they do not have to pay. all free !
Dolls may be brought by participants. After that, participants also get a goody bag from Tupperware.
thank you tupperware :)



  1. aku mau juga dong diajarin gitu....
    tar klo aku ke jakarta pengen deh mampir ke tempatmu trus minta diajarin bikin :D

  2. ada aku hihiihih yg pake baju ijo ...
    aku foto cuma dikit mbak di camera huhuhu
    ada lg gak si foto2nya yg di kelas aku itu ...mau mintaaaa :D

  3. haduhh buguru puri makin hebat aja :)))

  4. That's awesome, Puri! I want to join in next time ;-) pleeaase, let me dream...