Thursday, October 28, 2010

{grandma's owls}

My grandma is so crafty! She send me cute owls from her hometown! Oh.. she made my day. And you know, few days after that they all sold :) I am so proud of you, grandma. Love-Smoochies <3
Girls, how do you think?

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  1. iya eyangku emang doyan menjahit :)

  2. lucu banget.. :)
    ada yang kayak ngantuk owlnya.. hehe

  3. It seems talent runs in your family :-)
    These are cute!

  4. owl nya lucu sekali :)
    btw. aku ada koleksi kalung owl tapi blm aku upload di blog. langsung cek di FB aja yah
    banyak gelang gelang cantik juga hehehe

    thank youuu

  5. Ajeng: iyahh lucu bgt ya. itu nenekku semua loh yg bikin patternnya...

    Nat: thanks Nat, agree, they're cute. I will tell her!

    Diana: sip sipppp thanks ya