Thursday, July 22, 2010

the versatile award

Thanks Mbak Tarlen {design by vitarlenology} for passing this Versatile Blog Award to me.
I am very happy!

7 things about me:
1. I like owls.
I think they are very cute and smart. they don't talk much, but very quick in action :)

2. I like sunflower.
I always hope to get a bunch of  sunflower from my boyfriend at my birthday.
I was lucky, he always gave it to me. I think the sunflower is unique, in one flower there are many flower seeds can be planted again.

3. I always dreamed about having a little family.
a husband with two cute childrens.
and a small house with a spacious backyard and a big apple tree so I could lay down under the tree while reading  books and drinking apple juice on a hot day.
and every sunday or holiday, we'll make a garden party with grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, and cousin!

4. I can not swim.
for some reason, I was always afraid of being in the water.
how about snorkling? yes I did it, twice! and both are always exciting.
I'm always afraid that some strange animals will bite me down there.. hehehee..

5. I love sewing.
I learned it by my self with a lot of mistakes. but I really enjoyed it.
{drawing pattern-cutting-sewing}

6. I'd love to have a small shop
on the corner with white interior complete with vintage flower curtains.
I'll sell my handmade goods and my fellow crafter's goods. next to my store, there is also a cupcake shop.
every afternoon I can buy some cupcakes there while keeping my shop. #abeautifullife

7. I love blogging.
I can meet you all, good friends and great crafters!! love you all!! happy crafting....

I'm passing this award to 5 great bloggers. it's very difficult to choose because all blogs are GOOD! 

here they are:
1. evita {jelly jelly beans}
2. mbak amesh {dreamesh}
3. diela {kokola and the sewing machine}
4. cecil {doodle doodle dum dum}
5. tara {taraamelzallposts}


  1. waaaah? waah? whoaaaaa Puri makasih yaaaa *walopun agak gaptek gak terlalu ngerti tentang blog award*
    horeeee i'm so honoured!! and i also can't swim!! *tos* But i did try snorkling too hahahahah trus ketakutan sendiri megangin si arie sampe dia hampir ikut tenggelem :p

  2. iya nanti blog award ini km pajang tuh di blog km, trs km tulis 7 things about you..
    trs you should passing it to 5 another blogger. :)
    hahahaa...kita wanita aneh.. ga bs berenang tp sotoy snorkling! :D
    yg justru menyengsarakan org di sekitar kita...hahahaaa
    *tos lagi*

  3. Hihihi.. ternyata bukan cuma aku juga yang jadi ga bisa berenang gara2 penuh dengan ketakutan kalo udah nyebur di kolam renang ;p (kya ada hiu yang akan keluar dari dinding kolam) tapi sedih juga sich krn ga bisa join temen2 berenang n ga bisa bentuk badan. Hee..

  4. do you want some sunflower seeds to be planted?
    i think i still have some from my last give away

  5. sindy: hihihi kita senasib..cuma bisa main ciprat2an di pinggir kolam yah...hihihihi

    alaya: yesss yess yesss... :) thank you very much!!

  6. email me your address ya.
    my email:

    btw, i admire your works :)

  7. alaya: okee.. i'll send you a msg :) thank you :)