Wednesday, March 6, 2013

{the eiffel pillow}

The Eiffel Pillow

This extra large pillow made fully from cotton, with Eiffel Tower application comes in two different background, with white flower to depict Paris in Autumn, and polkadot background to illustrate the uniqueness of Paris. This extra pillow is also a good company for watching tv.

Product: The Eiffel Pillow
Price: by request
Contact Order: 08119930975 | 082123701217 | pin 27BFD973 | pin 269371E7
Photographer and Photoeditor : Puri | @idekuhandmade
Model: Yonne | @onlyonne
Script writer : Willard | @wdelwin


  1. lucu and bagus banget, jadi pengen nich?

  2. Hi..
    boleh tak emailkan untuk saya harga termasuk kos
    penghantaran ke Kuala Lumpur..
    saya boleh dihubungi di email

    thanks in advance.