Tuesday, December 18, 2012

{let's share love}

Love is expressed as an action and experienced as a feeling.
Yet, love has an essence that resists defining in any single way.
It encompasses compassion, tolerance, endurance, support, faith, determination and more.
Love reaches beyond romance and embraces us in all walks of life as we encounter one another
and make choices about respecting and caring for each other.
Many consumers come to the workshop to order marker dolls for their partners or friends.
They look in love. I am happy to be a small part of their happiness. Although I do not have a boyfriend, but I was happy that I can create a little happiness for them :')

*theme: sport

*theme: bank 

 *theme: couple

 Product: Marker Doll with Frame
Details: Rp. 350.000 | 50 cm x 40 cm | canvas | fabric markers | frame
Contact Order: 08119930975 | 082123701217 | pin 27BFD973 | pin 269371E7
Photographer and Photoeditor : Puri | @idekuhandmade


  1. so poetic, agree to that, love reaches beyond romances.
    you seems to love craft art very much, as a way to give love to others, and ultimately you feel the warmth of love.