Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{report: july girls day out}

Last sunday, we made our monthly event called Girls Day Out. We made pillowcases. This time we hold it in the outdoors. We laughed all day. We talked about craft, craft craft, and all about cooking. lol.  All participants successfully completed their work. The participants also get a pin cushion from Ideku Handmade.

At the afternoon we had a special guest, Mbak Viane from ANTV. Mbak Viane joined our activities and interviewed us about Girls Day Out that have aired this morning at 8 am (Friends, ANTV).
Thank you for all the participants and Mbak Viane from ANTV. See you at the next Girls Day Out! Ciao.

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  1. mba GDO yg bulan maret ko g diposting deeh huhuhu :'( :D