Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{i love owl so much, why?}

Did you ever ask yourself, why do you like owl?

Me? This is my own version:
Owl has a funny face.
Owls has not much twittering.
Owl always silent, but they are not stupid. 
Owl was thinking about something, deeply.
When the prey passes by, owl will catch it as fast as lightning.


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  1. Ihh lucu banget kaaa....


  2. owl has its own masks O,O
    owl is the symbol of wise animal
    owl always get cool characters in movies :D

    kak, kalo misal ramadan big sale nya pesen beberapa, ada potongan lagi gak? :p

  3. Febby: ahh Thank youuu :)

    Nabilah: wah mbak boleh juga tuh aku tambahin alesannya :D

    Kl beli bbrp bisa dpt disc lg kok, silakan hub Oie 08119930975, pin 27BFD973. Happy shoppinng mbak ;)