Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{cute little fishy and two big persons}

Let me tell you about cute little fishy first. I made these little things long long time ago. so don't ask me again about "how to order these cute little fishy?" :D Because they are gone. They moved into a new aquarium.
It easy to make. cut fish pattern on cotton fabric into 2 pieces. Then make the scales-like a half circle shaped into 18 pieces. to make eyes, cut felt into round shape, 2 pieces of white and 2 pieces of black. Black is smaller than white. and after that, sewing eyes and scales, and... sewing circle around that body.
Quite easy right?

And nnnoooowwww, turns to "two big persons".
2 big persons called Jules and Hakim came into ideku handmade's workshop this afternoon. We talked about everything, shared everything, and laughed about nothing hehehe :D After that, Jules busy playing with the dolls, and Hakim busy drawing his project. and me? forgot me. hehehe... I'm busy with the internet. oh gosh!
She's nice.
She's STILL nice.
She nice? hihihihi...
His adorable project!
Thanks for coming, Jules and Hakim. 2 big persons changed into a cute big couple! smooch:*

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