Thursday, June 23, 2011

{bring happiness to your house}

What makes our children happy? Of course their parents and family, and beside that, one thing that can makes them happy is a toy! And we think a doll could be called as well as toy :D Every little kiddos in the world love dolls. That's why we are still making dolls, and we are happy to be one part of the happiness makers. You can make a lot of dolls for your kids with love and heart and bring the happiness to your house :)

And this is Oie. Look at her face. She is very happy with our lovely plushies and dolls.And yes, she is a happy mother too. She has a beautiful daughter,Belle.

Come and feel our happiness by visiting us at the workshop. We will share happiness to all of you.
at Griyo Kulo Resto, 2nd floor
Jl Moh Kahfie 1 no 16A Cilandak-Jagakarsa, Jaksel
smooch :*


  1. looks so cute, i always loves toys/ dolls haha, i love the elephant one <3

    tho i think the giraffe one looks more to a Dinosour to me...hmm.. :D

  2. cute dolls..
    udah beli buku Puri, tp belom praktek.. pemalesan banget niih.. :D

  3. belle is a real cutie!
    I just love your giant plushies!

  4. aduuhh masih hutang pengen ke workshop niii :( pdahal deket..smoga bulan depan kesampean ;p

  5. those are so cute! wish I could make stuff like that :)