Thursday, November 4, 2010

{bazaar at gandaria city}

Am very happy when Diela asked me to join her bazaar at Gandaria City. Diela is my friend's wife, Pras, and also my idol. I love her artworks! She was good at painting.
and the important thing is: I am joining her lovely bazaar at Freshnbrite, Gandaria City on 4-7 Nov, 2010. please come and see you there! smoochies :*
see her SUPERB ARTWORKS here!


  1. ini kan acara aku marthaaaa, kenapa kita gak ketemu yaaa hihi

  2. Mbak Nurul: thanks Mbak.. :)

    Raisha: km Binus ya?
    aku join sm Diela (Kat), tp ngga dateng..hihihihi...