Friday, September 17, 2010

the owls belacu bag

this is one of my favourite bag. I love owl, if there is a request about the owl, then I'm happy to make it. it doesn't mean I don't like the other request, but you know.. ummm.. doing something with your own passion is better than just doing an obligation. well, don't misunderstanding.. yeah, I hope you know what I'm thinking about. lol.

this bag made from belacu fabric plus cotton and drawn with fabric marker. so it can be washed and ironed as usual. this bag can be used to bring books to the campus, or bring food or anything you want, or replaced plastic bag! ooh, I really hate plastic bag!

have another idea? send me an email as soon as possible :)

click to enlarge

photograph: lalilulelo and me
model: lalilulelo
edited: me

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Dear readers,

if you have some ideas to make something, just ask me.
and I will help you :)

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available in many colours.


  1. ini dijual ga, mbak? berapa harganya?

  2. dijual, harganya 70 rb :) kl mau email ke ya

  3. mba, harga reseller adakah ??
    saya mau banget jual, dan setuju ! i hate plastic bag