Friday, July 16, 2010

gameboy purse

Bismo, one of my loyal buyer, came to my workshop and he wanted to order a purse for his old school game boy.
okay, let me doing something cute and fun for you!

I draw the gameboy with markers on belacu fabric. see here for the tutorial :)

see all pures/pouch, here.

for your info,
I'm a custommade crafter, so if you have ideas to make something, just ask me.
and I will help you :)

*made by order:
send your mail to
or short message 08561413126
available in many colours.

happy crafting everyone :)


  1. mbak puri... kalo mau mesen wadah kamera poket gimana? aku punya kamera plastik, tapi nggak ada case-nya...

  2. hii martha (ato puri??hehe...)
    nice blog... and great ideas (^ ^)
    gw link bole ya?...

  3. atrida: halo mbak.. bisa kok.. mau ukuran brp? email aku ya ke
    thanks :)

    vicky: namaku puri..hehehe... makasiihh.. boleh bgtt :)