Wednesday, June 30, 2010

life-size vanya doll

remember about my lasted post??
you can see it here.
this time, I made a special life-size doll for Vanya.. and her mom told me, Vanya was so happy when she got her doll.
thank you so much Mas Yudhis, Mbak Brenda, and cute curly Vanya.
you can visit their lovely shop here.

for your info,
I'm a custommade crafter, so if you have ideas to make something, just ask me.
and I will help you :)

*made by order:
send your mail to
or short message 08561413126
available in many colours.

happy crafting everyone :)


  1. TaNGaN mU suNGgUH ANuGeRaH..
    So cReaTiVe!!!

  2. lovelove it... bisa jadi guling bisa jadi temen :)

  3. @ aldo: makasih darling... you too :)

    @ juliani: hahaha iya mbak... ;)

  4. pas liat muka Vanya, wah kayak kenal, ternyata anaknya Udith, sepupuku..
    Baru liat blog ini, keren deh..

  5. wow you are very creative... gulingnya bisa bentuk lain?.. your blog is amazing!!

    Visit my blog:

  6. @sparklingcosmic: iya bener Mbak, anaknya Mas Yudith n Mbak Brenda :) btw si Vanya itu luuucuuuuuuu bgt yah....

    @Blowraspberry: thank you Mbak... bisa kok bentuk lain..hihihihii