Tuesday, June 8, 2010

go green festival with many colours!

I wanna share you guys some pics of my last bazaar with dreamesh living and berries.
go green festival with many colours on it :)
june 4-5, 2010 at kuningan village

me with novi, she's my best buddy and best crafter :) thanks nov!

finally 2 little angles came to me... yippiiieee...

kasih and keavy on action :-*




  1. hahhaha..lucu amat sih tuh bocah..megang2 si owl..
    btw,si tante udah nge hide blognya deh yaaaaah... :'(

  2. iya itu kasih sm keavy..ngegemesin bgttt :D
    eh iya tan..br mau tanya.. tuh si tante napa dah pake ngehide blognya??? ada video yg aneh2 kah?? hehee...

  3. mba puri, kalo boneka spt yg dipegang sama si balita itu how much mba? sy kristina, sy prnh pesan finger puppet book utk anak say. nice finger puppets, sayangnya anaknya cm trtarik utk mencopot matanya :) lemme know for the owl doll price yak. tx before.

  4. halo mbak kristina :) aku masih inget kok mbak... btw harga owl flanelny 45rb mbak :) sms aku yah mbak... thanks..