Monday, May 28, 2012


Dear readers,
Honestly I am a bad blogger lately. A lot of work makes me crazy. Hehehehe... *kidding*. So I don't have a quality time with the internet. Uh pardon me :(

And this is Natasha. A crew film asked Mbak Nana to make a cute doll for film property. I hope that everybody in his production house like her. And who wants to make something cute like that? Please contact us :) We'll give you our best.

Ideku Handmade Workshop
at Griyo Kulo Resto 2nd floor,
Jl Moh Kahfie 1 no 16A,
Cilandak-Jagakarsa, Jaksel
08119930975 - pin 27BFD973 
(ask us for join bbm group)

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