Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{i made her a tutu skirt}

Yesterday, I made a tutu skirt for Belle. Belle looked very happy. Ochie and Rasen helped me a lot to make a photo shoot. Look at her! She is really nice! Tutu skirt looks perfectly to her body.
In the closet :D hihihi
Me and Oie wore it as a hair accessories. We looked like a clown! Hehehe..
How's your day? Share with us. Me and Oie always had an interesting day to be shared. We don't have a super story. Simple thing like this always makes us happy. We are very grateful. What a beautiful life!

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  1. Lucky you, you had the chance to make a tutu. and it is so cute. i don't know any girl I could make one for. and I doubt I would'n totally :look like a clown if I wore one myself :-)
    btw, it is really cute. and so is Belle

  2. itu lucu bisa pake di kepala juga ea sis hehe