Monday, February 6, 2012


Last weekend, I went to Bandung with Oie's family, Mbak Leli's family, and Ochie. We went to Kampung Gajah, factory outlets, and Ciwalk. The second day, we met Devy, the owner of Kukiimide. And She gave us her yummy cookies! Nyum, delicious. Thanks Dev :)

Overall, our holiday was very great. But, we recommended to go to bandung on weekdays, not weekends. Yeah you know, traffic jams everywhere! 

Ochie, Obin, Belle, Raki, and Rasen
Mbak Leli and Papio. *Thanks for bring us to Bandung*
Obin and Oie. Couple of this year! Hehehehe..
Me with my new nail art.
Bye-bye Bandung, we'll see you next time!

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1 comment:

  1. had a super great timee :))
    ditunggu kunjungan selanjutnya ke bandung yaahh mba puiii, mba oiee, mba leli dan pasukaann :D