Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{played with the snow}

What a day! Went out with Mom, Echa, and Minggu. We played around with the snow. Echa started with the big ice cream cup. He filled his bucket quickly and make bubbles of ice. *By the way, I love his little boots.*

Minggu started with her ball of ice. She didn't wear glove. She felt cold but she still laughed when I took her pictures! lol

,Me? I am just their photographer :D And mom sat in the back. She did nothing. She just shouted, "Echa, watch out your step!", "Echa be careful!", "Echa, do you want to drink your milk?", "Echa, it's time to go home!" bla bla bla...

The day ended with a meal together :)


  1. lah Pur, ini masih ada? di PIM kan? setau gue cuma ampe awal Januari krn emang dlm rangka Natal & Taun baru. Diperpanjang sampe kapan ya, tau ga?