Sunday, June 19, 2011

{lazy sunday}


This sheep is being relaxed. His legs were tired. So he decided to take a break while eating grass under the tree.  *It is created when Novi was still working with me. I suddenly miss her so much!*

lazy lazy lazy. I am lazy lazy lazy. Sunday is a day for having fun. Watch television, eat ice cream and pancakes in the afternoon, reading a book under a tree, enjoying the breeze. And I can not do it all. Today I am a little busy: went to church, teached some lovely peoples to make dolls at Tupperware Home, and monthly shopping at Giant with my parents. And the day ended with dinner at Excelxior with Ando and Anggi. What a blessed day!I hope your sunday is good too :)


  1. lucu bgt si biri2 ini puwiiii......pur ntar kapan mo maen lg ahh ke ws :D udah lama niiiiii ga colek2 GK

  2. mungkin sudah pernah, mungkin sudah sering, tapi tak ada salahnya dikasih lagi..
    salam :)

    always love your post mba Puri
    #biasa jadi silent reader