Friday, June 17, 2011

{bb pouch for camera lover}

Hi.. I'm back with the new stuff of mine. Actually, many friends asked me about blackberry pouch. I've often made​​ it, but I have to find the right time to make it again. because the process should be drawn one by one manually. Besides blackberry, this pouch is also suitable for other phones like iphone, nokia, etc. *uh they should pay me for this free promotion hahaha*.
For order, feel free to contact Mommy Oline at 089998511162 (sms/whatsapp) or Y!M oielabelle.

Back to another photos. Photos taken a few weeks ago. I make an appointment with my old friends to meet each other after office hours for dinner at Takigawa, Kemang. They are my school friends. Ine is my friend of mine in primary school, junior high school, and collage. Mawar is my friend of mine in high school and college. Ayu is a friend of mine in college. Echa is the new Mawar's boyfriend. And Ando is a friend in primary school and a lover :)

Puri life's journey:
  • Strada Indriyasana (kindergarten)
  • Strada Wiyatasana (primary school)
  • Strada Marga Mulia (junior high school)
  • St. Fr. Asisi (senior high school)
  • Interstudy (college) 2003-2007
Oh, how I missed my childhood.
I'll be back tomorrow with Oline life's journey and announcement of winners!
Me, Ine, Ayu, and Mawar
Echa and Mawar
Am I look fat?? *blame it on the restaurant!*
Ando and Puri and her and her and her and him :D

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaa kangen kampuusss jadinyaa inee... temen ngedance hehhehe eh itu mawar berubah ya lebih cantik.. ayu.. salah banget tu foto disebelah lo pur (paling bawah) hahhahhaaaa salam buat ine yaa ^^