Friday, May 20, 2011

{crafty days #5}

lovely bazaar that I've had. it was perfect: lovely place with lovely peoples!
see the crowd :)
Oie, me, and Kicky at our lovely booth!
left: Kicky with her new notebook from Design by Vitarlenology collaboration with Wawbaw. Right: Oie with her straps lolly dolly :)
tobucil handmade. Big Wow!
Kicky, me, Oie, and Audelia
Audelia and her paintings
Me, Kicky, and Mbak Ria Nirwana. I adore her so much!
Capung Mungil
Thanks Derau for give me something cute!!
Design by Vitarlenology
Tisa from Kandura and her magic works! Amazing!

I love her simply and cute necklace
Maelady. I bought one and I looovveeee it so much!
2 persons behind Nest of Ojanto. Ojan and Putri. They are really really nice!
"Mbak Mey, don't forget to send me one! taste so yummmmmyyyyy!"
Me and Mbak Mey from Oma Anna
Pencil toppers from PapayaMango
Hi Dina from Nyala, we met again :D
Dina's beautiful works!
paperpleased <3
Me and Angel from Paperpleased
Monster from Pyur Handmade by Arum :)
workshop :)
Me and Mbak Susi from Kawakib Craft and her beloved daughter :)
we are really happy!
look at her face! she is so hungry :D lol
we ate at Zuki Suki, oh yum, delicious!
we are IDEKU HANDMADE! huraaaaaaaaaaa
yuhhhhhhuuuuuuu!!!! together we can :D hehehe...

Big thanks to: Tobucil Handmade and Klabs, Mbak Tarlen from Design by Vitarlenology, and for you guys who helped us a lot. BIG SMOOOOOCCHH!


  1. kak puriiii,
    aku juga udah posting tentang crafty days #5..
    boleh loh kalo mau mampir.. hihihi

  2. wow!!! because together we cann!!!

  3. hello! nice to finally meet you in person ;)

  4. aaaa...sedih ga bisa ikutan ke bandung..*mupeng sangat...

  5. Puriiii...makasih utk fotonya
    moga" qta bisa ketemu lagi ya ^_^ *hug

  6. mbak puriii maksih yah foto2nya... huhu.. g sempet foto bareng mbak puri, yang penting barangnya ikut kefoto deh hehe.. :D

  7. fotonya keren keren :)

  8. woow puri :) thx yaa

    mau konfirm itu kalungnya bikinan ima papayamanggo ya :)