Tuesday, December 7, 2010

{ideas for table setting}

my ideas for christmas table setting featured on tabloid nova, nov 29- dec 5, 2010.
thanks to tabloid nova for giving me an opportunity to present the ideas in my head.
just take a look, practice at your home and enjoy christmas :)

celebrate christmas with your whole family!
everything feels different if prepared with a personal touch.
you can make your own christmas tree decoration, cookies, handkerchief,
napkin, arrange your flower, arrange everything you want.
with a deeply heart and love <3
apple, anyone?
make your own jam cover with a cute patterned cotton. add a tiny rope and a handmade label
this is an easy way to arrange flowers in a vase. take the flowers and then tie. take the leaves and then tie.
make two bonds (flowers and leaves separated)
create a personal touch by embroidering the edge handkerchief
do not waste your jar. clean the inside and place a small candle on it.
tie a small ribbon to sweeten your jar. 
voila! a beautiful candle is ready to light up your christmas.
How many cousins do you have? 
Do not forget to prepare homemade cookies and sweet apples for kiddos.
um, i am a good aunt :D
featured on tabloid nova nov 29-dec 5, 2010
photo session

*smoochies! p


  1. waaah hebat euy multi talented banget sih kamuh! Ntar kalo ada bazaar2 lagi gw minta Arie hire lo bikin display kamar deh hihihi

  2. IT's a great job!! Two thumbs up for you...

  3. cecil: thanks cil..ahh senangnya kl ada collaboration lg hihihi :D

    mbak dwita: thanks mbak dwita <3

  4. apelnya untuk dibagi-bagikan yah? mau, mau...hehehehhe...

    Eh, lucu tuh bordiran sapu tangan dan pita toplesnya ^^

    Wah, wah, wah, Natalan bakal makin ceria nih kalo begini

  5. darbe: ayo mari kemari.. ke rmh yak pas natalan :)

  6. multitalented banget sih kamu Pur

  7. aaiiii........sepertinya aku mengenal gambar2 ini, xixixi.

  8. aaahhhh pingin,,, ka purii, ajarin doong,, aku sebenernya banyak ide, tp bingung gambarnya.. gambarku jelek :(. heart ur design since i was borrowed ur book when junior high @strada. remember? gambarnya lucu2,, -ocha-

  9. uty: *pipimerah* thanks mbak..

    desy: Ah kau tau itulah bah! <3 *peluk desy*

    anonymous: ochaaa... hmmm let me think... bentar deehhh ini ocha yg mana? yg ambut pendek ya? waah! apa kabarrr???