Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{partners in crime}

well, I did many bazaars lately. and it made me become the busiest girl in home.
in this time, I wanna share some photos and of course my PARTNERS IN CRIME :D
I'm so glad if it is in the same bazaar together.

1. Bazaar at Kemang Village, October 28, 2010
big treasures from me :D
 christmas cupcakes
 the famous owls plushie <3
multifunction bag from calyx. what an idea!
son of Mbak Evi with butterfly handmade cookies
 left: Ci Chia and Mbak Lia from sewmanics
right: Mbak Amesh from dreamesh, Mbak Evy from berries, me, Mbak Lia
bottom: Mbak Amesh and the boys
sewmanic with her lovely dress and yummy cookies
Anita and her shop witches
 me and Laura on dreamesh and berries booth
 Ka Tessa with her beautiful sarong toraja <3
 this is Krista, my old friend. I met her few years ago on the backstage, when there was a fashion show event. and she still exist till now. "am happy for you girl." Krista and Yosie are collaborate to make their own woven bracelet. woohoo! 
familiar with this owl bag? I guess yes. this owl bags made by my friend, Mbak Ayu from strawberry patch.
before I post this pic, I asked her permission. she said yes, but with one condition: I have to put a watermark to her pic. "ohh okey!" she said that she was very disappointed with the copycat that copied her owl bag 99%. "hi copycat! shame on you!"
 "dear copycat. do not steal ideas from us!"

 2. Bazaar at Playpark Kemang, ex Prefere 72, October 30-31, 2010
ideku handmade, dreamesh, and berries :)
mine and kids sofa from dreamesh
this is us <3

3. Mini Bazaar at JICC Kemang, Nov 4, 2010

attention please :)
dear all ideku handmade's followers. thank you very much for your kindly appreciation in ideku handmade's giveaway this time. Let me discuss about it tonight with all of my owls and tomorrow I'll tell you whose gonna get that big owl beads brooch. 
*kidding, I will randomly pick the winner tomorrow! 


  1. ihiyyy i'm exist in this post... thank you puriii
    nnt tgl4 kita poto2 lagi ya, kemarin diriku lupa bawa kamera nih.

  2. MayClover: thanks :)

    Nit2: sipsipsippp... kita foto bareng ya.. kmrn malah blm sempet :D

    Mbak Ayu: sama2 mbak :)

  3. untung gw telat taunya ada bazaar ini...kalo gak...pasti sudah bokek sekarang wekwew :p

  4. wahh ini yah pameran yg kemarin :( hiks...sayang ga sempet kesana..jd terlewatkan deh..
    sukses yaahh mba puri ;D

  5. cecil: hahahaaa... besok lgsg gw sms ya kl ada bazar ::D

    printilan: thanks.. sukses buat printilan :) btw ini yg nulis siapa? printilan ada 4 ya?

  6. waaaahhh...sukses terus mbak marthaaa^^

  7. haduuuuuww..mata berbinar2 antara pengen belanja dan pengen bikiiinnnn hahaha..
    sukses puriii....sukses jg 'sentilannya' wokwooow ^__~

  8. so much talent reunited! it is impressing!

  9. btw yg jual kimono2 itu namanya apa ya? hmmm aq kayaknya tau tuh yg punya. temennya temenku, dl pas bbrp taun yg lalu pernah bersua kayaknya di ultah temenku. 2x kayaknya malahan. hmmm *mikir*

  10. Mbak Nurul: thanks ya mbak supportnya :)

    Imel: hihihi yo dateng ke bazar2 yg lain (kompor..hehehe)...

    nat:yeah, I adore them! they are great crafters! :)

    natnat: kimono itu siapa ya? yg jelas sebelahnya mbak Lia kan boothnya? kmn dikasih tau tp lupa namanya... hehehe..

  11. hihihihihihi ini foto gue lagi ngunyah eksis abissss! :P

  12. waaakss baru liat! :D
    ayooo kita bazaar lagiiii ;)

  13. wow!lucu-lucu! Waktu itu pernah liat standnya ideku handmade di pasar seni, tampaknya di bazar kemang ini barangnya lebih bervariasi yaa xP

  14. thanks olive <3 iya barangnya ngegemesin bgt... :D

  15. comment for strawberry patch owl bag photos : lately i saw lots of people are selling the same owl bag, but i don't think that others are the copycat, coz u can just purchased the exact owl bag and cat pattern from melly & me for $17.50.

  16. anonymous: why don't you give her (strawberry patch) your name or link??