Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{girls and moms day out}

Tabloid Nova gave me an opportunity to teach in their workshop at Green Festival, few days ago.
and it well done. pretty well done. I teached them to make simply necklace and dolls from unused fabric (someone please tell me, what the similiarity of "kain perca" in english. thank you). hihihi...
we had a good times together, sewing, talking, laughing, sharing together. 
Thanks to all of you!
 bye-bye.. see you soon at next girls day out!


  1. "kain perca" hmmm maybe "scrap fabric"

  2. kak puri.. suka bgt sama karya-karyamu. Inspiring me... :)

  3. seneng banget deh pasti ... selamet ya Pur ... (^.^)