Saturday, November 27, 2010

{3 little birdies}

my big sister, agnes, was very busy. she works at a bank. and one week ago, abigail's nanny went to her village.  and no one taking care of abigail and her little brother, arthur.  agnes left her two cute children at mom's house. I helped her to take care of abigail. baby sitting time! *exercise before having a real baby :D

thanks abigail for being my beautiful model all day long <3 
love you so much, 
aunty puwi.

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  1. sO PReTty!!!
    UNiQuE aNd PReTty cOoL..
    aNd cUtiE gURL..

    NiCe PoStiNg deaR..

  2. mbak puri.. kalo bikin flanel kayak gitu benangnya pake benang jahit biasa kah?
    makasih mbak.. :)

  3. kl yg kalung ini pakai benang biasa. tp kadang suka pakai benang sulam, biar tebel :)