Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{I am sorry for the inconvenience}

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

There are two things I want to tell you girls:
1. my blackberry has broken so I have to fix it and impacted on our communication.
but you don't have to worry, just send me an e-mail for asking to

2. there will be a little improvement on ideku handmade because of -this and that- reason, so for the rest of 2010, I will focus on the bazaar and make some DIY projects. umm, and I'm still keeping a promise to upload some cute photos of of works everyday! in the early of 2011 there will be something new that would be very surprising for me and for you. something different. something cute. something beautiful.
just wait and see :)

Love, Love, Love,
Smooch, Smooch, Smooch,



  1. i always think you are a clever girl. n hardworking too! looking forward to the something new. :)

    ps. i totally adore the photo of the crochet(?) owl. (heart)

  2. idiiihhh gua mau itu boneka! :D

  3. rasanya ga sabar nih, menunggu hingga tahun depan puri. hmmm.. penasaran jadinya.. btw good luck with your plans