Monday, September 6, 2010

happy early september. many thanks to you!

oh September :')
I've a lot of gift from you, I looveee you all.
thank you very much :')
I'm speechless.

a cute parcel from Tabloid Nova
sorry I grab the picture from here, because I forgot to take the pic. 
but the package is similiar with this one. and I got 3 jars! 
yummy yummy yummy :)
thank you so much! 

a sweet package from Elit Craft, Australia.
It consists of a handmade magazine, a piece of cloth, and a pair of hair pin. 
Thank you so much Mbak Ti! hugs!

my oh my... really cute! love them <3

surprised from Cecilia Hidayat.
oh, another beautiful gift in September :')
thank you so much!
ps. she's one of my idol.

LOL *smooch*

a delicious cookies from Mbak Evy.
I was touched. I have many friends who loved me so much.
Thank you :')



  1. waaaaaaaa dimasupin blog! XD senangnyah :D
    itu kainnya Elit Craft lucu banget ya motifnyaaa :D *sambil berjanji pada diri sendiri akan lebih rajin belajar menjahit*

  2. hihihihi suka skali cecillllll....
    iya kainnya bagus bgt ya.. ayo belajar lg, pasti nagih deh...