Tuesday, August 17, 2010

happy birthday Indonesia :)

congratulation for Indonesian people around the whole world.
Thank God for all the grace You have given.

how about your celebration?
around my house, there's no celebration, different from previous years :(
maybe because everyone is fasting. or maybe because sense of nationalism that have been reduced.
whatever... I'm sad...

in the afternoon,
me, Ando, and Anggie went to the church. we prayed and after that we have a little celebration.
and I'm very surprised!
don't be jealous, I'm very happy tonight!
I love you, Indonesia!

me, Anggie, and children's sunday school.
they wore traditional clothings

in the crowd, after Worship Him

choir wore kebaya

the other choir dressed in white

they said, "we are proud to be Indonesian!"

outside the church, we all ate and danced together :)
everybody wore BATIK.

for Indonesia, 
give me a chance to give you my best :')

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