Sunday, August 29, 2010

baby first book

since I had a bazaar (go green festival) with Dremesh and Berries in Kuningan, I have made this book but unfortunately, I haven't publish it. remember my last interviewed with Jelang Siang? my first book looked at the screen. and now, many people asked me about that book. so I have a responsibility to show you moms soon... and my job has been finished :)

* material: cotton with foam coated, felt, and button

go green festival

now, it's your time to teach your lovely baby about numbers :)

on every page, it has a button or more in accordance with the number.
page 1, you only have a button. page 2, you have 2 buttons, etc.
you can remove the candle and put it on the button on another page.

you can remove the fish and put it on the buttons on another page.

you can remove apples and put it on the buttons on another page.

you can remove cars and put it on the buttons on another page.

you can remove the thunders and put it on the buttons on another page.

*please stop piracy for commercial use*

Dear readers,
if you have some ideas to make something, just ask me.
and I will help you :)

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available in many colours.


  1. pur blog kamu pasangin atribusi ini biar orang ga ngebajak sembarangan karena udah ada peringatannya..

  2. emang bs dibajak mbak??? gmn cara taunya?

  3. Puriiiiii lucunyahhh!!! XD ih aku pengen beliin buat ponakanku :D harganya brapa Pur?

  4. waw... kreativ banget sist... btw fungsi bukunya sebenarnya untuk apa yah?

  5. Couldn't agree more!
    Emang bikin desain gampang apa...

  6. Vitarlenology: mbak Tarlen makasih masukannya. aku sdh pasang di blogku paling bawah. itu untuk amerika aja apa gmn mbak? thanks Mbak :)

    shopwitches: iya mbak Anita, kl jualan online gini emang mudah sekali dibajak. tinggal tiat karya kita, trus ngikutin deh.

    ceciliahidayat: cecill...thanks yaa.. besok km liat tgl 5 :)

    bynight: thanks!! :)

    lolipop: untuk anak batita belajar berhitung :D

    Ayu Husodo: Iya bener Mbak.. yg gampang kan kl tgl copy aja .

  7. Kwerrennn! Trus semangat berkarya , mbak :)