Thursday, July 8, 2010

coin purse

good night all..
today is my bad day. I have a lof of trouble. one of them is my blackberry has broken.
all the buyer's data is there.
to all of my buyers, please please please send your data to
thank you so much.

I have to uplifting my self :) cheers!

I made coin purses from cotton.
This purse is very useful for all of you who like to organize things, so the coins can be stored on it.

happy owl day!

for your info,
I'm a custommade crafter, so if you have ideas to make something, just ask me.
and I will help you :)

*made by order:
send your mail to
or short message 08561413126
available in many colours.

happy crafting everyone :)


  1. wah lucu tuh buat souvenir pernikahan hehehh

  2. kamu buruan nikah ta, ntar kubuatin :) hihihihihi